Renewal information 2021

Membership Fees 2021/2022

The committee has decided that subscription levels will not increase for the next year and will remain at £34 per person. However, the present coronavirus emergency has necessitated a few changes in the arrangements for paying subscriptions. It is highly desirable that whenever possible members pay by BACS using internet banking. But we recognise that some members do not have this facility, and so we ask that if you are in that category, you consider whether you have a friend/neighbour who does use internet banking who could make the payment on your behalf. If that too is not possible we will continue to accept cheques sent to the Membership Secretary (please send an email to for mailing or bank details), BUT the subscription in those cases will be £35 NOT £34. This is to offset the additional costs we will incur in handling and paying in large volumes of cheques in the present situation. One cheque can be sent for more than one membership, as long as surnames and membership numbers are clearly written on the back of the cheque.  Please note that subscriptions may not be paid in cash.


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