Our Golden Anniversary Artfest

2018 is the Golden Anniversary Year of NADFAS (now rebranded as The Arts Society)

Our parent organisation suggested it would be a good idea for member societies to hold exhibitions of their members’ work.

Romsey members enthusiastically endorsed this idea, so we organised and held our own exhibition in King John’s House, 17th – 22nd November 2017.

Entry was free. The response from visitors was extremely positive.

37 members, around 10% or our total membership, took part. There were 71 exhibits including more than 50 pictures, as well as woven and hanging textiles, photographs, ceramics, jewellery, woodwork and pottery.

Here are some comments from the visitors’ book:
“Good to see such a range of work, seascapes are especially good, very interesting display, loved the applique! ”
“Very fascinating exhibition, loved the textiles! ”
“Such varied work to such a high standard, very varied and diverse exhibition, many talented exhibitors,well done!”
“We shall look out for more of your Arts and crafts in the future!”
“Wonderful work, so much talent!”
“Lovely paintings, interesting exhibition, beautiful pots!”
“A really lovely exhibition-such a variety!”

Here is a selection of images of the works exhibited taken by Annie George and John Scarborough.

If you wish to view magnified versions of any of these images, hover the mouse over an image, right click and select “view image”. Press and hold down the ctrl key. then press the + key. Each time you press +, the image will increase in size. Pressing ctrl – has the opposite effect.