May 1, 2018. Jacqueline Cockburn on ‘Surrealism and its Legacies’

The lecture presents resonances of surrealism from Degas to Sarah Lucas.

Dali Lobster Telephone 1936 Tate Legacy

It begins with a study of Degas’ 14 year old dancer and ends with Sarah Lucas’  Pauline Bunny.

Through Surrealist objects it will be argued that the legacy of Surrealism lives on today and that many of the preoccupations of the artists and the way they voiced them visually has resonances in contemporary art.




Jacqueline Cockburn is a linguist and art historian, with first degrees in French and Spanish and Art History, an MA in Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Art History and Spanish on ‘The Drawings of García Lorca as gifts, citations and exchanges’. She has taught at Westminster School since 1984 as Head of Art History for 16 years and has lectured at Birkbeck for 20 years.

She is now Managing Director of an art tour company and is currently publishing an article on Goya’s self-portraits.

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