July 3, 2018. Malcolm Kenwood on ‘Artbeat’ (cops and crooks)

This is an autobiographical journey from rural beat officer in the late 1970’s culminating as a specialist art and antiques detective.

Full of interesting tales of the criminal art underworld, their origins, methods and corrupt dealers in the trade, including Bill, a handler of stolen antiques, a likeable rogue who provided invaluable information on other villains. We considered him to be a success story, as he turned his back on the antiques trade to become a professional chef. Nearly two decades later he was revealed as a prolific art forger. He was convicted along with his kitchen staff!  An entertaining, informative and revealing 60 minutes



Malcolm Kenwood is an experienced retired specialist police and private detective, investigating art and antique crime.

Formerly the Recoveries Director for the Art Loss Register which operates an international commercial database of stolen cultural property, he formed his own company and developed training programmes designed to educate law enforcement officers in all aspects of this area of criminal activity, undertaken in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Art and Antiques Unit at New Scotland Yard, London.

He has lectured to police conferences, customs officers, auction house staff, museum employees, Interpol and FBI.

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