A Brief History of The Arts Society Romsey

The Arts Society Romsey was founded as The Romsey Decorative and Fine Arts Society (RDFAS) on 26 April 1982. It was the 134th society to join the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, which now has over 375 Societies throughout the UK, in mainland Europe and New Zealand, as well as 35 Societies in Australia, affiliated to the Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society (ADFAS), reaching a combined membership of over 98,000 worldwide. The parent society was renamed ‘The Arts Society’ in May 2017 and this society became The Arts Society Romsey the following June.

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Chairs from 1982 to present
1982-1984 Mrs Maggie Sleeman
1984-1987 Mrs Veronica Paske
1987-1989 Mrs Olive Marjoram
1989-1991 Mr Peter Bowtell
1991-1994 Mrs Mary Newman
1994-1995 Mrs Maggie  Sleeman
1995-1998 Lady Hodson
1998-2005 Mr James Burrell
2005-2008 Mr Chris Amery
2008-2011 Miss Kay Peake
2011-2014 Mr Chris Esplin-Jones
2014-2017 Dr Tony Lowe
2017-present Mrs Cheryl Collier