2020-21 Study Day Programme

21th April 2021 The Complete Pompeii Study Day

Gillian Hovell (the muddy archaeologist)

For a description see Pompeii Muddy Archaeologist

The format for the day is:
  • I open the session at least half an hour before we start (whatever you feel comfortable with), to allow setting up and for one of you to join as co-host and settle in.
  • We ‘open doors’ to admit members at least quarter of an hour before start time.  The co-host ‘admits’ the members as they arrive (you will have a list of attendees and also I cannot watch the ‘waiting room’ once the talk has begun so it’s good to have a co-host).
  • Videos & microphones are on so that members can see each other, wave, and chat; I chat to members as they arrive and point members in the direction of the Chat box and explain they can Chat Privately by typing private messages to other individuals to say hi etc as well as ‘to everyone’. This creates a sense of getting to see your friends.
  • Formal welcome from one of your committee; I then mute everyone to avoid disturbance/distractions for the audience and present the first lecture.  
  • I share my presentation screen and you see both the crystal clear slides and a small image of myself in the corner so that there is a sense of the presence of the lecturer, live.
  • During the lecture, videos can be off or on as individual members or you yourselves wish.  My broadband is subscribed to at a high level to enable this except in the very occasional exceptional circumstances.  Videos off creates a more focussed approach to the lecture but some societies love still being able to see each other even as tiny screen down the side/along the top.
  • At the end of the first lecture, I return us to full videos and microphones for Q&A and then a comfort break of c.10 or 15 mins.  During this time, apart from a brief comfort break myself, I am on screen to chat to members in a casual way.  (As I described to you, the equivalent of sitting on the front of the stage and just chatting casually to the audience).  This creates a greater sense of connectivity and event.
  • 2nd lecture: all muted again, videos on or off as you or individuals wish
  • Another Open mic & video session for Q&A for as long as you wish before a committee member closes the meeting/day.