2018-19 Lecture Programme

Details of each lecture will be found by clicking on the title link

Tuesday 04 September 2018.
Caroline Shenton on ‘Votes for Women! Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians’

Tuesday 2 October 2018.
Alexandra Epps on ‘Good as Gold’

Tuesday 6 November 2018.
Sandy Burnett on ‘The Age of Jazz’. Illustrations and recordings from the early years of jazz to 1945 and the dawn of the Swing Era.

Tuesday 4 Dec 2018.
Sarah Deere-Jones on ‘Singe We Yule’ A musical portrait of a medieval Christmas with illustrations, readings and music on harps and other instruments

Tuesday 5 Feb 2019.
Tasha Marks on ‘Food and Art Through the Ages: From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture to 3D Printing’

Tuesday 5 March 2019.
Brian Stater on ‘Photography as Fine Art’ – A question discussed with reference to the work of some of the acknowledged masters of photography

Tuesday 2 April 2019.
Barbara Askew on ‘Victoria and Albert, Art and Love’, a look at their shared enthusiasm for art, jewellery, and music to celebrate the 200th anniversary of their births.

Tuesday 7 May 2019.
Douglas Skeggs on Titian – the first modern artist

Tuesday 4 June 2019.
Tony Tucker on ‘This is Wren – the Classical, the Baroque and the City of London Churches’

Tuesday 2 July 2019.
Julian Richards on ‘Inspired by Stonehenge’ Its architecture and how it has inspired painters, potters and poets