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You may have heard that The Arts Society Headquarters have launched a new website facility where you can view many more online lectures and also join in community groups commenting and exchanging views of the content.  We have put a link on our own website so that you can find it easily.  See link below AND KEEP SAFE”.



Dear members

The committee have now decided to cancel all the lectures between now and the end of the present session in July. We will obviously review this if there is a dramatic change but think it unlikely that large groups will be allowed to congregate before September, especially given the age profile of our membership.

This also means we will not have an AGM but will produce papers to be published on the website.   We welcome any new volunteers who would like to join our committee.

We will shortly be sending out our renewal letters to members. Some will doubtless ask about whether there will be a reduction in fees or part return of subscriptions paid. The committee have discussed all the options. However, on recommendation from The Arts Society Head Office we are paying 50% cancellation fees to our lecturers and we also have other significant ongoing costs. Indeed, but for the present disease outbreak we had intended to raise subscriptions next year. As it is therefore, we will keep subscriptions at the same level as in the current year and make no refunds. However, we will look for an opportunity to ‘add value’ next year with some additional activities for our members.

Meanwhile all I can say to you is to follow HM Government’s advice, stay home, and stay safe.

With best wishes,

Cheryl Collier


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