Church Recording

Recording the Past for the Future
Church of St John The Baptist, North Baddesley

Between 2016 and 2020 a group of 9 volunteers from The Arts Society, Romsey, have been researching a very historic and beautiful little church in North Baddesley countryside. It really has been a very interesting voyage of discovery; researching and recording the contents of the church as well as finding out about all the people who have crossed its threshold from Saxon times to the present day.

Who would have thought that such a tiny church in the middle of a very rural setting could boast the names of Thomas Seymour, Thomas Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell. The Flemings of Broadlands, and The Paulets of Paultons Park as touching on its history? We have also discovered many links between its history and that of Romsey.

In more recent times, it was even the subject of an architectural survey by the son of the renowned Victorian Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. We have learnt so much about the Knights Hospitaller who were the patrons of the church from 1304 to the time of the Reformation and we have brought to life, again, the persons who were commemorated in the windows and memorials placed within the interior through their stories.

We have now completed the process of writing up and cataloguing our findings and photos which we hope will be presented to the church as soon as the church is fully open for services.In addition, we have produced a small paperback booklet detailing the findings of our historical researches.

The Arts Society no longer acts as a sponsor for Church Recording projects.  This role has been taken over by  the the national Society for Church Recording:

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